Session 2

June 12 – July 1, 2017 

3 Weeks. 3 Credits.

Session 2 courses include a five-day course-integrated study tour to a relevant European destination, and take you on field studies in Copenhagen.

Courses Available:

Business Start-up  + Business Start-up Lab
Study Tour: Helsinki-Stockholm
(Note: This course runs over Session 1 and Session 2, for 6 credits.)

Children in a Multicultural Context
Study Tour: London

Climate Change and Glacier Modeling
Study Tour: Iceland

Cross-Cultural Communication
Study Tour: Belfast-Dublin

Cross-Cultural Psychology
Study Tour: Berlin

Emerging Markets
Study Tour: Riga

European Clinical Psychology
Study Tour: Vienna

Food and Identity
Study Tour: Barcelona

Gender and Sexuality in Scandinavia
Study Tour: Stockholm

Globalization and European Economies
Study Tour: Luxembourg-Munich

Human Health and Disease: A Clinical Approach
Study Tour: Berlin | Vienna

Medical Biotechnology and Drug Development
Study Tour: Edinburgh

Neuroscience of Fear
Study Tour: Munich

Positive Psychology
Study Tour: Scotland

Prostitution and The Sex Trade
Study Tour: Amsterdam

Public Health in the Arctic
Study Tour: Karasjok-Tromsø

Renewable Energy Systems
Study Tour: Germany

Roskilde Festival: Community, Culture, and Creativity
Study Tour: Roskilde Music Festival
Note: Course runs to July 2 due to festival dates

Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism from a European Perspective
Study Tour: London-Oslo

Visual Culture of Cities
Study Tour: Berlin