Meet the Locals

Engage With the Locals

Make a point during your summer at DIS to meet local Copenhageners, exchange perspectives, and gain a sense of intercultural understanding.

Engaging with the local culture is a part of the DIS experience, as you interact with Copenhagen locals in both your academic setting and in your housing. In your classes, you meet Danish experts and go on field studies throughout Copenhagen. Come prepared to network, ask great questions, and build your knowledge from Danish and European perspectives. While the DIS summer study abroad sessions are short, if you make an effort, you can meet local and become a part of Copenhagen.

Go Outside Your Comfort Zone

While DIS empowers you to make local contacts, be sure to make that extra effort while you are here. Make the most of each day and use your spare time to observe and be involved in the local culture.

Ways to Interact With Copenhageners

Get creative and think of your passions and interests, and see if you can find a way to pursue them while abroad!