Independent Housing (Self-Arranged)

Housing opportunities during Summer at DIS Copenhagen

If allowed by your home university, you are welcome to arrange your own housing in Copenhagen.

If you do choose this option, DIS cannot assist with rent payments, deposits, furnishing, bedding, transportation costs, etc.

Independent Housing Fee

When choosing to arrange your own housing, DIS charges a fee that covers services from Housing & Student Affairs. To learn about this fee, as well as the services included within this support, go to Summer 2016 Tuition and Fees.

Requesting DIS Independent Housing

The deadline for requesting DIS housing is approximately one month before the term’s official arrival day.

If after the deadline you switch from DIS-arranged housing to independent housing or from independent housing to DIS-arranged housing, you will be charged a change fee plus any additional direct costs. Read more about this on the Cancellation and Change Fees page.