Health Delivery and PrioritizationSummer Course

Public Health study abroad program, study tour
Major Discipline(s)
Pre-Medicine/Health Science, Public Health, Public Policy
Session 1 session

The course provides you with a solid knowledge of the provision and organization of public health in Northern Europe and of the historical, social, economic, and political background of the present health care systems. Furthermore, the course provides an understanding of what determines health, the priority-setting for public health policy, and the relationship between the many players involved in policy-making and provision of health services. Social and political dilemmas in the healthcare field are examined.


Tine Poulsen

DIS Copenhagen Faculty

PhD, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences (University of Copenhagen, 2013); M.Sc. and B.Sc Public Health (University of Copenhagen 2004/2002). Project manager (Roskilde Hospital, Region Sjælland 2013-15), Consultant (Municipality of Gladsaxe, 2002-2007). With DIS since 2016.

Public Health, Tine Poulsen