DenmarkCore Course Week Study Tour | Child Development & Diversity Program

Required Course(s)
Children in a Multicultural Context
Spring semester

Core Course Week, including the short study tour, is an integral part of the Children in a Multicultural Context curriculum. This Study Tour provides you with the opportunity to explore the field of early childhood and education in a multicultural context in Denmark.

The week is designed to introduce you to the various elements of Danish pedagogy and educational philosophy, and help you develop skills and tools to compare these experiences to both the core course and your practicum experiences. As you further your understanding of the Danish education system, you will be able to identify which approaches are unique to this small country and what concepts are more universally adapted. This will give you insight into the dynamics of and challenges within the multicultural discourse and will allow you to explore the Danish concept of diversity.

In addition, the Study Tour program is supplemented with cultural visits and events to help you learn more about Danish history and culture, as well as give you a more well-rounded understanding of the communities which you are studying. In the past, cultural visits have included touring museums, experiencing markets, and enjoying traditional Danish food.

During Core Course Week, we set off to explore different types of schools. We visited Bakkeskolen, a public school in Kolding, that works to strengthen the language skills of its international students. There, we listened to fourth graders present and speak (in English!) about topics such as handball, the Royal Family, popular Danish foods, LEGOs, and windmills. Afterwards, we joined a seventh grade class as they listened to two visiting ‘role models’ talk about the challenges they faced while growing up in Denmark with Afghani and Bosnian roots.”

Anna Lowenstein, Skidmore College

Tour Objectives

  • Explore the Danish public school education, and the challenges presented in multicultural areas
  • Analyze and reflect on your understanding of how multiculturalism and diversity are viewed in Denmark
  • Hypothesize connections between your experiences at your practicum site, and the programs and approaches you have observed

Possible Activities

  • Visit and observe public schools while discussing Danish pedagogical philosophy and strategies for multi-ethnic neighborhoods
  • Work together with staff and students during visits to public schools in diverse areas
  • Experience Danish storytelling and play, by going to local theater groups and children’s projects