Southern SwedenCore Course Week Study Tour | Sociology Program

Required Course(s)
Cultural Diversity and Integration
Spring semester

Denmark and Sweden are both homogeneous welfare states with similar backgrounds. When it comes to dealing with immigration and integration, however, they are like night and day. The short study tour to Southern Sweden, as a part of Core Course Week, will give you a comparative perspective on these aspects of cultural conflicts in Denmark. The study tour will consist of a mixture of first-hand experiences and input from professionals, those politically involved in the field, as well as from reflections from academics.

This Study Tour will also include pertinent cultural visits that will help you gain a deeper understanding of Swedish mentality and culture. Throughout the tour, we will take some time to reflect and talk about our experiences on the study tour.

Tour Objectives

  • Hear and discuss the thoughts of those working in the field of integration in Sweden, both hands-on and academically
  • Challenge your ideas and perceptions of controversial topics and understand how they tie into the liaison of cultural diversity and social capital
  • Reflect on and compare the very different perspectives on immigration and integration in Denmark and Sweden

Possible Activities

  • Meet with volunteer peacemakers and ‘guardians’ in an immigrant ‘ghetto’ neighborhood
  • Hear presentations by researchers on ethnic minorities and women
  • Visit the Museum of World Culture in Göteborg