London-OsloWeek-Long Study Tour | Terrorism & Security Program

NOTE: In spring 2022, this Study Tour will only go to Oslo. 

This week-long Study Tour will start in Oslo by examining right-wing terrorism and understanding how Norwegian responses to Anders Behring Breivik’s attack varied entirely when compared to how the U.S. and Americans reacted to 9/11. In London, our focus will be on the 7/7 attacks in 2005. This will offer us an opportunity to look at militant Islamism, religious terrorism, and the concept of homegrown terrorism. We will visit sites of the attacks and talk to academics, authorities, and politicians who have been involved in dealing with the attacks while looking at the consequences such attacks have on our liberal democracies.

We will also visit cultural sites that reflect on these issues to expand upon and contextualize the objectives of the tour.

Tour Objectives

  • Experience and observe the life, culture, and diplomatic environment of Norway and the United Kingdom
  • Gain insight into the difficulties of defining terrorism and discuss theoretical ways of approaching terrorism
  • Analyze different terrorist organizations and terrorist attacks (causes, aims, forms) as well as reactions (social and individual) to terrorism and counter-terrorism measures introduced

Possible Activities

  • Visit the July 22 exhibition in Oslo and the Utøya Island where the 2011 terrorist attack took place
  • Compare methods of counter-terrorism by speaking with a broad range of professionals from anti‐extremist think‐tanks to Muslim community leaders
  • Speak with journalists in London who covered the 7/7 bombings and discuss what role the media can/should play in the representation of terror attacks
  • Interview residents in Oslo and London to further understand how groups and individuals have been affected by actual terror attacks