LondonWeek-Long Study Tour | Communication Program

The week-long Study Tour takes you to the vibrant city of London that up until the historic Brexit in 2020 was a part of the EU. London is a contrast to Copenhagen on so many parameters including the number of inhabitants that far exceeds the number of inhabitants in all of Denmark. This makes the city vibrant and a wonderful place to explore. We will people watch in the metro, visit a few of the city’s most iconic places, and investigate how a digitized world and a disrupted media market is affecting organizations and markets.

Tour Objectives

  • Reflect on your own dependence on new media forms and the practical, ethical, and social impact they have
  • Explore specific communities and the ways they use new media to preserve important community values and transcend geographical borders
  • Discover new and innovative ways media is being used in British culture

Possible Activities

  • Have a unique visit to the Danish Embassy in London and learn about nation branding and social media
  • Visit the Guardian and learn about to thrive as a newspaper in a disrupted media market
  • Experience Wimbledon and learn about how media is a core part of their DNA