Germany (Spring)Week-Long Study Tour | Sustainability Program

This week-long Study Tour to Germany forms an integral part of the curriculum, as it allows you to see how theories learned in the classroom are manifested in the field. You will travel to the historic port city of Hamburg, and to the culturally diverse city of Berlin. In Hamburg, you will learn about the efforts that the city is taking to re-define itself as a sustainable metropolis. You will visit an architectural project that is converting traditional harbor buildings into sustainable functioning living spaces, and observe examples of urban development in regards to sustainable housing.

In Berlin, you will develop a deeper understanding of European approaches to a green economy, infrastructure, and urban re-development by visiting organizations, authorities, and local groups. These initiatives influence everything from the national environmental policy, to individual low-carbon lifestyles to environmental education. You will be able to compare governmental approaches with community initiatives by visiting a community center and urban garden that integrate social and environmental sustainability. These diverse visits will enable you to identify various interest groups, as well as gain greater insight into the role of communities, governments, and businesses in creating and implementing technology and standards for greater sustainability.

No visit to Germany would be complete without exposure to the fascinating culture, history, and socioeconomic climate of the region. By touring neighborhoods, exploring important sites, and visiting museums, you will better understand the historic and cultural framework of Germany and how this influences an approach to sustainability.

Tour Objectives

  • Examine the European approach to sustainability
  • Gain important insight into the various interest groups involved in the development of sustainable systems and technology
  • Understand the role of government and communities in sustainability

Possible Activities

  • Explore architecturally innovative HafenCity development in Hamburg
  • Engage with and visit companies, government- funded entities, NGOs, and urban farmers that directly deal with the issue of sustainability
  • See first-hand examples of urban (re)development projects