Finland (Fall)Week-Long Study Tour | Sustainability Program

This week-long Study Tour to Finland forms an integral part of the curriculum, as it allows you to see how theories learned in the classroom are manifested in real life. You travel to Helsinki, the first city on the continent to have fully committed to reporting to the UN on its implementation of the sustainable development goals. In Helsinki, you learn about the efforts that the city is taking to become carbon neutral by 2035 and re-define itself as a pioneer for local implementation of global responsibilities. The city is already a front runner in social welfare, education, tourism, and public-private collaboration. It is the only city to have implemented an underground master-plan and it houses the happiest people on the globe.

While in Helsinki, you develop a deeper understanding of Nordic European approaches to a green economy, infrastructure, and urban re-development by engaging with local actors working with sustainability. These initiatives influence everything from the national environmental policy, to individual low-carbon lifestyles and environmental education. You compare governmental approaches with community initiatives through our visits in the city. These diverse visits enable you to identify various interest groups, as well as gain greater insight into the role of nature, communities, governments, and businesses in creating and implementing technology and standards for a truly sustainable future.

Tour Objectives

  • Examine the Northern European approach to sustainability
  • Gain important insight into the various interest groups involved in the development of sustainable cities and communities
  • Understand the role of government and communities in sustainability

Possible Activities

  • Explore architecturally innovative and sustainable development of the city
  • Engage with local actors that directly deal with the issue of sustainability
  • See first-hand examples of how citizens, businesses, and tourists are empowered to make more sustainable choices
  • Learn how to secure the diversity of urban nature and sea nature