Denmark (Western)Core Course Week Study Tour | Sustainability Program

Required Course(s)
Sustainable Food: Production and Consumption
Fall/Spring semester

During Core Course Week, you investigate the social, economic and environmental challenges of the current food systems, looking at the deeper connections between production and consumption of our food. You spend part of the week in and around Copenhagen, focusing on sustainable food developments, while the second part takes the classroom on the road to the countryside of Eastern Denmark. This dynamically highlights the mutual dependence of the urban environment with the rural hinterland and traces the connection between consumption and production. We follow the food steps of the New Nordic Cuisine movement with its emphasis on locally sourced produce within a 100-kilometer radius. We study emerging food production practices that value sustainability and taste over quantity and price.

The first part of the week focuses on sustainable consumption that addresses food surplus, food waste prevention, and innovative distribution (København Madhus, We Food, Too Good to Go, Løs Market, Beyond Coffee). The second part of the tour is more production focused, where we visit a biodynamic farm like Kisselgården, or hear about well-known Nordic restaurant purveyors such as Søren Brand Wiuff, Friis Holm Chocolate, or chef Christian Puglisi’s Farm of Ideas. Foraging and cooking a sustainable meal also takes place during the tour.

Tour Objectives

  • Better understand the social, economic, and environmental challenges of the current food systems
  • Looking at the deeper connections between production and consumption of food, and how it is embedded in social and cultural factors
  • Deepen knowledge of the value of sustainable approaches in production and consumption of food

Possible Activities

  • Meet sustainable businesses in Copenhagen, such as København Madhus, Beyond Coffee, Østergro
  • Visit Kisselgården, Birkemøsgård, Farm of Ideas, Søren Brand Wiuff
  • Forage around Dragsholm Slot, Friis Holm Chocolate