DublinWeek-Long Study Tour | Communication Program

To many, Dublin is the internet capital of Europe because of its generous tax laws and a concentration of information specialists. Facebook, eBay, Twitter, and various other social media providers all have their European offices in downtown Dublin. Visits to these new tech companies give you an understanding of how new media facilitates or limits communities across geographical boundaries. You will interview local communities in Dublin about their use of various types of new media.

Throughout the Study Tour, Dublin is our classroom to analyze how new media is changing communities and how communication theories are applied to various contexts. To further contextualize our studies, we explore the stunning nature outside of Dublin, as well as experience Irish culture through traditional dancing and a musical pub crawl.

Tour Objectives

  • Reflect on your own participation engagement within different communities and the impact new media has on your understanding of those communities
  • Understand the radically different sets of ethical dilemmas presented by new media
  • Explore the role of European-based social media in the construction of communities

Possible Activities

  • Visit Facebook’s Irish representatives to discuss plans for the future of Facebook and explore the ethical dilemmas of a privately owned ‘Facebook nation,’ unregulated by national legislation
  • Meet with eBay representatives to understand the nature of an online consumer community
  • Visit LinkedIn's European Headquarters