DublinWeek-Long Study Tour | Innovation & Entrepreneurship Program

Required Course(s)
Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Europe
Fall/Spring semester

This week-long Study Tour to Dublin forms an integral part of the Business Entrepreneurship Project curriculum, as it allows you to see how business model theories are applied in various settings. Gain inspiration by meeting a number of successful start-up companies and entrepreneurship communities, and learn the institutional set-up that contributed to establishing Ireland on the world entrepreneurship map.

In the wake of the economic downturn of 2008 and the demise of the ‘Celtic Tiger,’ entrepreneurs are bouncing back with innovative ideas and new business plans. Dublin provides an ideal setting to understand how policies, venture capitalists, business accelerator set-ups, and start-ups connect and contribute to the entrepreneurial community of Ireland. You will have the opportunity to discuss theories, ask questions, and gain first-hand knowledge of the process from those working in the field. These interactions will help further your own business venture ideas and allow you to compare and contrast the business environment of Ireland with that of Denmark and the United States.

To understand why some businesses succeed while others fail, one must have knowledge of the local culture and its effect on overall business culture. With this in mind, you will have the opportunity to learn about Ireland’s history as well as the unique local character of Dublin itself.

Tour Objectives

  • Gain a deeper insight into how and why entrepreneurs succeed in Dublin
  • Compare and contrast the business environment of Ireland with that of Denmark and the United States
  • Further develop your own business venture ideas

Possible Activities

  • Collaborate with Startupbootcamp Dublin to develop your own business plan
  • Work with American entrepreneurs abroad to discuss the unique challenges they face in an international environment
  • Meet with venture capitalists from Frontline Ventures in Dublin to get an understanding of entrepreneurship from their perspective
  • Visit companies such as Google, Wayra, and Airbnb