DenmarkCore Course Week Study Tour | Communication Program

Core Course Week, including short Study Tour, enhances the New Media and Changing Communities curriculum, as it allows you to experience how classroom theories are applied to various contexts. During a two-day seminar in Copenhagen and a three-day short Study Tour to Jutland, you will interact and collaborate with local communities to see how they use new media in innovative ways.

Core Course Week is supplemented with cultural visits to help you learn more about Scandinavian history and culture, as well as give you a more well-rounded understanding of the communities in which you are studying.

Tour Objectives

  • Reflect on your own dependence on new media forms and the practical, ethical, and social impact they have
  • Explore specific communities in Jutland and the ways they use new media to preserve community values and transcend geographical borders
  • Discover new and innovative ways media is being used in Danish culture

Possible Activities

  • Experience the limits, ethics, and aesthetics of the physical body in a digital world through art
  • Learn about how some of the challenges during the COVID crisis have been solved by welfare technology solutions like social media and health platforms, and contemplate the potential pitfalls
  • Learn about a unique Danish education (Chaos Pilots) and their collaboration with ReDI School – Berlin, that uses technology to break down barriers and connect the leaders of tomorrow