Belfast-DublinWeek-Long Study Tour | Terrorism & Security Program

The Study Tour aims to analyze and better understand the concept and phenomenon of terrorism. You will gain insight into various forms of terrorism.

We will look at the state terrorism and political violence in Belfast (Northern Ireland), in particular, the conflict between Republicans (usually Catholic), and Loyalists (usually Protestant). Peace was achieved in the mid-nineties, but the signs of conflict are still visible in the city. The tension is still in the air and the memories are still fresh for many on both sides of the conflict, that raged on for thirty years, with periods of terrorism and violence.

We will also look at Dublin in neighboring Ireland – the place where the conflict had its roots, the country that since 1973 has been a member of the EU, but nevertheless at the same time in numerous ways has been involved in the conflict raging just across the border. Going from an economic wonder child into deep recession, getting into gear again, but now faced with the complications of Brexit and its implications for the UK-Irish border, Ireland presents one of the most interesting insights into the complications of politics, ethnicity, religion, modernity, and conflict handling. At the same time, Ireland has some of the most spectacular and beautiful landscapes of Europe.

Tour Objectives

  • Understand the complexity of the concept and phenomenon of terrorism
  • Analyze different terrorist organizations and terrorist attacks (causes, aims, forms)
  • Provide access to relevant organizations, officials, researchers, and private individuals to learn more about terrorism and counter-terrorism in both Northern Ireland and Ireland
  • To explore the relationships between governments and other stakeholders in combating terrorism
  • Gain insight into the drivers for “the other side” – the terrorist
  • Experience and observe the life, culture, and political environment of Northern Ireland and Ireland

Possible Activities

  • Visit locations where the conflicts and terror attacks took place
  • Meeting with former activists and prisoners, who are now reflecting on their past
  • Couinterinsurgency then and now – reflections by some of those who are still doing it today
  • Using the beautiful terrain and landscape of Ireland for analysis of the rural guerilla – limitations and possibilities for both the insurgent and for counterinsurgency