Arctic ExcursionDIScovery Trip

Required Course(s)
5 Day(s)
Spring semester
Spring 2019, TBD

North of the Arctic Circle in Swedish Lapland lies a vast untouched snowscape. Spend your days exploring this unique and pristine region on a dogsled or by foot, and nights, relaxing in the sauna.

Cozy cabins on the banks of the River Torne outside the city of Kiruna will be your home for four nights. Recharge on its banks at night and you spend your days exploring one of Sweden’s most unique and secluded regions.

This DIScovery Trip centers around enjoying seasonal outdoor activities. You will see the famous reindeer herds of the Arctic, learn about the indigenous Sami people, visit Kiruna, and descend 565 meters into the iron mine that gives this town its livelihood. Depending on the harsh weather patterns of the North, you will journey by dogsled or snowmobile across endless expanses of snow and ice, and be rewarded with breathtaking, once in a lifetime vistas. The long days will be fueled by meals highlighting local Arctic specialties, and end with cozy evenings in the traditional sauna.

Possible Activities

  • Visit an ice hotel
  • Spend time on the Torne river (depending on weather conditions)
  • Visit a local iron-ore mine
  • Sample arctic cuisine specialties
  • Dogsledding lessons