LondonWeek-Long Study Tour | Economics Program

Required Course(s)
Globalization and European Economies
Fall/Spring semester

This week-long Study Tour takes you to the center of attention of EU discussions. Not only is the UK in the middle of Brexit, which means billions of euros, jobs, and political lives at stake. But London is also one of three global financial centers together with being the main European hub for thousands of companies – all this is about to change in the near future. Frankfurt and Paris are set to take over many of the financial headquarters together with the main offices for many of the big firms wanting a foot inside the European market. We will experience these political and financial challenges first hand when we get a better understanding for one of the most important European cities through history.

This study tour utilizes Europe as your classroom. You will see first-hand how economic theory is practiced in various contexts, and you will gain insight into British culture and history. Drawing on this cultural context will allow you to better understand and analyze the intersection of ideas, politics, and economies in the European Union – and what can break it.

Tour Objectives

  • Experience the UK and London first-hand - talk to experts about economics, politics, business, and finance.
  • Discuss the UK's relation to the EU and the EU's relation to the UK. What kind of relationship is developing?
  • Gain insights into the drivers behind the UK's decision to leave the EU. Analyze and understand the implication of Brexit on trade, investments, jobs, people, and politics.

Possible Activities

  • Visit financial institutions in London
  • Visit a political institution/think tank
  • Visit a trade association and other businesses relevant to the topics of the course