Using a Rejsekort

What is a Rejsekort?

Rejsekort is a traveling card for getting around Denmark on public transit.

Where Can You Buy A Rejsekort?

For students who do not receive a rejsekort through DIS:

You can purchase a rejsekort at most transportation stations.

How Does the Rejsekort Work?

Check-in: When taking public transport (trains, buses, or the metro), you must remember to check-in. There are two different ways to check-in. When checking in for the train or metro, you will have to check-in on the platform your train or metro departs from. On the bus, however, the check-in point is located just inside the doorway when you enter. Remember to check-in every time you take public transit and whenever you switch between transit types

Check out: Always remember to check out when getting off public transit or switching to another transit type, otherwise the amount deducted from your card will be maximum of 70 DKK – every time you forget! If you forget to check out more than twice, the card may be blocked and you will be unable to use it.

How Do You Reload a Rejsekort?

There are machines at every train station where you can reload your rejsekort. Instructions on the machine lead you through this.

The minimum amount any rejsekort may have is 70 DKK. When the balance dips below 70 DKK, you are no longer able to use your card without reloading it.

What is the Balance on Your Rejsekort?

When you checkout, the screen on the machine shows you the cost of your trip and underneath your card’s balance. You can also check your balance on the machines you would use to reload your card.

What Do you Do If You Lose Your Rejsekort?

Your rejsekort is not covered by insurance, as it is an anonymous card. Thus, whether you have received your card from DIS or not, you will not receive a new card should it be lost or stolen. If the card was given to you through DIS, you are responsible for covering any future public transit costs.