DIS Transportation Pass

Transportation in and Around Copenhagen

DIS provides Transportation Passes to students living in DIS housing, with the exception of students who live within walking distance from DIS.

Your Transportation Pass entitles you to travel within the given zones and dates with the transportation companies in the Greater Copenhagen area. Transportation Passes are valid for the metro, S-Tog, Regional Trains, buses, and Harbor Buses, as long as you are in the appropriate zone.

Important to Remember

  • Keep track of your Pass – protect it as you would cash and your passport. Take a picture of your original pass to keep on record
  • If you lose your transportation pass, please check in with Student Life in Vestergade 8 for instructions on how to replace it.
  • While traveling in other cities, consider leaving your pass at home

What is the Transportation Pass used for?

The Transportation Pass covers transportation between your housing and DIS. If you take classes outside of DIS, you will likely have extra zones to accommodate this.

If you attend classes or practicum away from DIS, you will likely receive a rejsekort in addition to your Transportation Pass.

Important: The transportation pass does not cover your travel to and from the airport unless your housing is located in this area.

How do I add more zones to my pass?

If you want to upgrade your transportation pass to cover more zones or for a longer period, you can change it by going to the DSB office at Copenhagen Central Station. Mention that you are a DIS student and that we have an agreement with DSB.

Keep Track of Your Transportation Pass – They Are Worth A Lot!

Find out how much your zones are worth per month on the Department of Transport’s website here.