Taking Medication to Denmark (Summer)

Information for Admitted and Arriving Summer Students: Taking Medication to Denmark

Legalities of Importing Medication to Denmark

If you are currently using medication in the U.S. and will need to continue to do so in Denmark, be aware that some types of medication available in the U.S. may not be available in Denmark. Depending on the type of medication and the length of your stay, it could also be illegal to bring it with you. Importing illegal medication to Denmark may result in receiving a fine or other more serious legal repercussions.

Amount of Medication Allowed through Danish Customs

  • Generally, any type of medication containing amphetamine, benzodiazepine, methylphenidate, and other euphoriants has import restrictions on them in Denmark. A supply for 14 days only can be brought through Danish customs
  • If the medication does not contain euphoriants, you are allowed to bring a supply for three months through Danish customs

Note: Adderall and Focalin are not available for prescription in Denmark

Bringing Medication through Danish Customs

When you have medication to bring to Denmark, and have a supply that abides by the Danish legislation, make sure to bring with you:

  • Documentation for your condition from your home doctor
  • Information about the specific types of medication you are bringing with you
  • Proof of legal purchase of the medication (e.g. a receipt from the pharmacy where it was purchased)
  • The original container or packaging for the medication

Traveling in Europe with Medication

Other European countries outside of Denmark will have different laws regarding medication – be sure to check online to find out the types of medication that can be taken into a country, and the maximum quantity you can take in.

The information above is subject to change and DIS cannot be held responsible for any changes. If you have questions prior to arrival in Denmark, contact the DIS North American Office. After arrival in Denmark, please contact Housing and Student Affairs.

To consult the legislation that these rules refer to, read the following, available on the Danish Health & Medicines Authority website.