Booking Your Flight (Summer)

Information for Admitted and Arriving Summer Students: Booking Your Flight

You are responsible for booking your own flight to Copenhagen, to allow you the flexibility to plan independent travel and to take advantage of travel benefits such as frequent flyer miles. Upon your arrival, DIS will welcome you to Denmark at the Copenhagen Airport and will ensure you get from the airport to your housing.

Choosing Your Flight Dates

  1. Book your flight to arrive on the specified Arrival Day for your session, which you can find on the DIS Summer Calendar. Note: to be included in the airport pick-up service and transportation to your housing, you must arrive to Copenhagen between 7:00 and 15:00
  2. When booking your return flight, note that your housing must be vacated by noon on the last day of DIS housing. Earlier departure may result in missing a final exam which will greatly affect your grade, as final exams cannot be rescheduled DIS does not provide transportation to the airport at the end of your summer session.
  3. We strongly encourage that you have a return itinerary before your arrival in Denmark. While it is legal for you to travel to Denmark on a one-way flight, we have no control over airline officials and their understanding of Danish immigration laws. To avoid complications, it is best to simply fly to Denmark having a return flight back to the U.S.
  4. When you have booked your flight, head to Student Registration and find the Arrival Form, where you will enter your flight details including airline, flight number, and arrival date and time. DIS must have this information to plan for your arrival.

Do Your Research Before Purchasing a Ticket

  • Student travel agencies such as STA Travel and Student Universe offer discounted student rates. They can be accommodating when a change or cancellation is made to the flight, as they tend to charge nominal fees for such changes compared to the fees charged by most airlines and travel agencies
  • Flight search engines such as Kayak provide a quick and easy method for comparing multiple airlines at one glance, and at times, special online fares may be offered
  • Call the airline directly for concrete information, special deals, and to inquire whether frequent flyer miles may be applied to the ticket
  • Membership in frequent flier mile programs is often free, so make sure to look out for these. Sign up for a frequent flier account with any airline you travel on.