Student Affairs Contacts & Resources

Housing & Student Affairs and Counseling Services at DIS Copenhagen

Housing and Student Affairs

Our Housing & Student Affairs office is located just next to DIS Copenhagen classrooms, providing accessible support services to you. This resource is always available to you during your semester or year abroad at DIS, as we put a strong emphasis on providing for your needs and concerns.

The Housing & Student Affairs Department is staffed with trained employees who are on-site and can assist you in any next steps to move forward when you have a non-academic issue or question. For academic concerns, find DIS Academic Resources here.

DIS Housing Teams

Where you live is one of the most important aspects of your time abroad and can be the basis for rich personal growth. Nevertheless, living in a foreign country can also be challenging. This is why we offer you support when it comes to your housing.

If you live in a Residential Community, Living & Learning Community, or Kollegium, you likely have a Social & Residential Advisor (SRA) that you can contact for practical, social, and emotional support. All students can reach out to DIS housing coordinators, who are full-time staff trained to support and empower you when undergoing housing-related challenges. Conversations with DIS housing coordinators are private, but not confidential.

How to Book an Appointment

To book an appointment with a housing coordinator, email:

  • (if living in a Kollegium, Living & Learning Community, Residential Community, or a Folkehøjskole)
  • (if living in a Homestay or a Rented Room)

Include a brief description of what you would like to talk about and when you are free. A housing coordinator will respond to your request within one business day.

DIS Care Team

Given the transitions, adjustments, and adaption you go through while studying abroad, it is important that you have support. As a current student at DIS Copenhagen, our Care Team is trained to help you in times of difficulty through support services available during your time at DIS.

Members of the Care Team are Housing and Student Affairs administrative staff at DIS – not doctors or counselors – and conversations with the Care Team are private, but not confidential. If a case demands professional assistance, the Care Team can make referrals to both medical professionals and other confidential resources.

How to Book an Appointment

To book an appointment, email with a brief description of what you would like to discuss and when you are free. Someone will respond to your request within one business day.

Referral to an External Provider

If necessary, DIS is able to refer you to an outside affiliated psychologist/psychiatrist, doctor, or other resources. In some cases, DIS insurance will be able to cover these referrals. If you decide to find your own provider, DIS can share a list of therapists or doctors who have previously worked with DIS students.

If the DIS Care Team refers you to a trained psychologist or psychiatrist at a local clinic, DIS will pay for up to two sessions. Further therapy beyond the two provided sessions is not covered under DIS insurance or within the Danish healthcare system. Please check your U.S. insurance and any insurance provided by your home university for study abroad students, as there may be mental health coverage under them. If you are referred to a psychologist or psychiatrist and do not show up for a scheduled appointment, or fail to cancel 24 hours in advance, you will be charged 1,000 DKK.

Though the Care Team can help you with a doctor’s referral and assist you in navigating the health care system, you do not need to work through the Team to see a doctor. Find details on seeing a doctor, going to the hospital, or locating a pharmacy here.

Emergency Contact

For details on how to reach DIS both during and outside office hours in case of emergency, find the Emergency Contact Information here. DIS recommends that you save this information in your phone for quick reference.