FAQs for Current DIS Copenhagen Students About COVID-19 

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Last update: January 13, 2022

This page is for DIS Copenhagen students. DIS Stockholm students find your COVID-19 FAQs at this link. 

DIS is carefully monitoring the COVID-19 situation in Denmark. We have compiled responses to frequently asked questions below. 

What current restrictions are in place in Denmark?

DIS is closely monitoring COVID-19 developments in Scandinavia and across Europe. You can find updated information about the current restrictions in Denmark here: Current DIS Copenhagen Health and Safety Notifications

We will continue to keep students updated via email and here.

Can I travel outside of Denmark while at DIS? 


We are planning for Study Tours to travel across Europe, but are ready to move to in-country tours if need dictates. Study Tour destinations will be considered based on several factors including official Danish travel recommendations, vaccination rates, local infrastructure, and re-entry requirements for returning to Denmark. We will not automatically move or cancel Study Tours due to U.S. State Department and CDC Alert levels though we will, of course, consider this information as part of the entire picture; if you have questions, please let us know.

We also allow independent international travel, if allowed by your home university. Students are responsible for monitoring the conditions and border policies of their destinations as well as requirements for re-entry to Denmark; assuming the risks associated with independent travel; and notifying DIS of their travel plans. We advise students avoid travel in the 14 days leading up to their Study Tour to reduce the risks of being unable to join the tour.

Read about the requirements for entry to Denmark here.

Find information on independent travel here

Can I have visitors from the U.S. while I’m at DIS? 

At this point it is possible for vaccinated travelers from the U.S. to enter Denmark as tourists despite existing travel bans limiting travelers from some other countries, but we cannot predict how the restrictions will change in the weeks and months ahead.

Learn more about travel to Denmark here. 

What should I do if I’m feeling sick? 

Stay home. Common COVID-19 systems include dry cough, high temperature, breathing difficulties, sore throat, headache, loss of smell/taste, and muscle pain. Please call the DIS Health and Safety Emergency phone at (+45) 3067 1000 to report your symptoms and to obtain additional instructions as to COVID-19 testing.

Be sure to inform your faculty, as well as Academic Support (acadsupp@dis.dk) ahead of time if you will be missing class. If you need additional support, please reach out to the Care Team (care@dis.dk). 

Take a look at the DIS Copenhagen COVID-19 Flowchart for further information. 

What if I, or someone else at DIS, tests positive for COVID-19? 

Any student who tests positive for COVID-19 or has been identified as a ‘close contact’/’other contact’ based on local public health guidance, will be fully supported through any necessary testing and isolation required under local guidance, including academic support and continuation of coursework from a distance. If students become ill, DIS will help with seeking medical treatment; testing and medical care will be reimbursed through DIS insurance per the policy details. Refer to the COVID-19 flowchart in the DIS Navigate app for more details.

Read more about insurance on this page.

What if other people’s behavior makes me uncomfortable, or differs from my own choices related to COVID-19 prevention?

We acknowledge that people’s risk tolerance around COVID-19 will differ greatly. Some of you may struggle with, or have questions about, Denmark’s approach to COVID-19 after becoming accustomed to different approaches at home. We encourage you to be brave enough to ask hard questions and to carry out these conversations respectfully and mindfully. Be inquisitive, but not judgmental. Hold this sentiment close in your interactions with other students, staff, and faculty.

Other students may undertake behaviors that make you uncomfortable but are not a violation of DIS policy. Please approach these conversations directly and reach out to DIS for assistance in navigating any potential conflict.

If you see that your own decisions don’t match the decisions of others in the group, or if you hear from other students who fear that your decisions are putting them at risk, please be thoughtful and respectful. We are in this together and we each need to consider the impacts of our decisions.

What will be required of me to be successful abroad during COVID-19?

Flexibility: As in the U.S., conditions and recommendations are still changing in relation to COVID-19. Just like on your home campus, DIS will need to respond by adjusting recommended protocols, class schedules, field study or study tour destinations, etc, sometimes with very little notice. Please prepare to be flexible. At some point you may need to stay home for a period as a result of illness, exposure, or a community lockdown; DIS is prepared to support you through any of these scenarios.

Respect: You may find Scandinavian approaches to COVID-19 different from those at home. Take the opportunity to learn and ask questions while remembering to approach your local community with grace and respect.

Compliance: Any measures implemented to protect you and the community from COVID-19 are only effective if they are followed by everyone. Laws and guidelines regarding social distancing and other practices may be updated at any time – and whether you assess them to be effective in mitigating the spread of COVID-19, DIS will require all students to comply with all local guidance. This may include monitoring temperatures, hand washing, mask wearing, sanitizing, social distancing, and cooperation with recommended COVID-19 testing and contact tracing processes. Failure to comply with these rules and precautions is a violation of the DIS Code of Student Responsibility – but more importantly, we ask students to comply for the benefit of the community, even when no one is watching.

Can I depart Copenhagen early, prior to the end of the semester?

You can find the date of the official end of the program on the DIS Copenhagen Calendar. If you wish to leave prior to Earliest Departure to the U.S., you may do so but only if your academic requirements are completed. Please check your syllabi and also confirm with your faculty that you do not have required activities in the final days before choosing to depart prior to the Last Day of Semester. Please do not ask your faculty to change deadlines or allow you to depart before academic requirements are complete.

If you plan to depart early, you must inform housing@dis.dk. You will then receive an email with early check-out procedures.