March 24, Archived Alert Related to COVID-19 (Update to Reopening Plan)

March 24, 2021

Yesterday, Danish authorities announced a general timeline toward a continued gradual reopening throughout April and May. Each announced phase is separated by two weeks to give authorities the opportunity to assess whether the next stage to be entered safely based on COVID-19 numbers.

The announcement also indicates that all restrictions will end “when the oldest and vulnerable citizens and citizens over 50 years old have been vaccinated with the first dose, if they want it.”

The announced timeline includes:

  • March 22nd: Gathering limit increased to 50, but only for officially organized outdoor sports and association activities. Informal social gatherings remain limited to 5 people indoors, however, is increased to 10 for outside gatherings.
  • April 6th: Higher Education can return at 20%, increased return of children to schools, and further opening of service industries such as hairdressers and massage therapists.
  • April 21st: Larger shopping malls allowed to open. Cultural facilities such as museums, art galleries and libraries allowed to open. Restaurants allowed to serve outside.
  • May 6th: Concert venues, theatres and cinemas allowed to open. Restaurants permitted to operate indoor services. Sports for adults expanded.
  • May 21st: Evening schools and other auxiliary education can reopen. All sports facilities allowed to reopen. Indoor parts of amusement parks, zoos and other outdoor cultural facilities will be allowed to reopen.

The plan does not include information about when the students currently distance learning from outside Denmark might be able to travel.

The announcement also includes a new “vaccination passport,” which will facilitate access at each stage of reopening to businesses etc. To those that have either proof of vaccination, proof of a recent infection resulting in immunity or proof of a negative test result within 72 hours.

The plan provides only high-level information and we expect more details in the coming weeks as agencies and authorities determine how this guidance will translate into more granular policy. We will, in turn, update DIS students as more information becomes available and as DIS makes decisions.

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