Extend Your DIS Experience

Are you loving your spring semester in Denmark and don’t want to leave? Wish you could have taken a course at DIS that you weren’t able too during the semester? DIS offers you summer options

DIS summer courses run in several sessions of varying length, with different start and end dates. You choose which courses and times are best suited to your academic goals and your summer plans. You can earn from 3 to 12 credits, depending on length, discipline, and number of courses you take at DIS. Combine two or more sessions, if your schedule permits.

Extending your time in Copenhagen is easy and comes with a discount on summer summer tuition and fees (see the section on rebates)! To get started, just pop in to the Office of Academic Support in Vestergade 5, Room 5.26 or email Sean Green on sgr@dis.dk to start the discussion.