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Denmark’s History: the World’s First Same Sex Civil Union

One of the world’s first LGBTQ* associations was founded in Copenhagen in 1948, the world’s first male to female sex reassignment surgery was performed on a Dane in 1930, and the world’s first gay marriage took place in Copenhagen in 1989. As you can see, Denmark is an extremely safe place for the LGBTQ* community, and holds a special place in history.

LGBTQ Resources

  • BLUS
    An organization for lesbian, gay, bi, trans, and queer students. The organization was founded in 1996 and serves as a social platform for LGBTQ* students in and around Copenhagen. BLUS is based in Huset-KBH, and most Tuesdays. BLUS hosts events such as film screenings and political debates. BLUS works internationally and is associated with ILGA and IGLYO.
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  • LGBT Danmark
    Founded in 1948 by Axel Axgil, this is the biggest LGBT organization in the country.
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  • LGBT Ungdom
    Ungdom, meaning ‘youth,’ this is a subdivision of LGBTQ Danmark that focuses on young people.
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    Sabaah is an organization for LGBTQ* people with minority ethnic background and allies.

For a comprehensive overview of LGBTQ* facilities in Copenhagen visit Out & About.