Semester Bike

Rent a Semester Bike through DIS

Fall 2023 students and beyond: Please note we will be updating our transportation coverage for your semester. Please refer to communications from DIS for the most up-to-date information.

The Semester Bike is one of two Housing-to-DIS Transportation Options offered to students living outside of walking radius from DIS. Learn more about DIS Transportation Coverage for DIS Copenhagen students here.

Making a Decision: Who should sign up for the Semester Bike?

This is a good option if you know how to ride a bike and feel comfortable using your bike as your primary mode of transportation. There are many factors to consider. How far is the commute between your housing and DIS? What forms of transportation are recommended for your journey to DIS?

Many of the DIS housing sites are within biking distance of DIS. However, also remember to consider if you are comfortable biking in the dark, or in cold and poor weather conditions. At the end of the fall semester and at the start of the spring semester, you should expect that you will likely be commuting in the dark if you are using a bike as your main mode of transport – perhaps both in the morning and evening. Nearly all roads have bike lanes and your bike will come with lights so this is considered normal when bike commuting in the winter in Copenhagen. However, you will also be commuting in various types of weather from rain, to wind, to occasional snow.

You will have an additional 500 DKK stipend to use in the DSB app to cover occasional days you prefer to take public transportation over biking. This will cover a limited number of journeys throughout the semester, giving you the flexibility to use public transportation in select circumstances when you would prefer not to bike. Please note: the stipend is for semester students, and is not applicable for summer students who have rented a Summer Bike.

Bike Providers

DIS has a collaboration with the following bike providers and will be invoiced by them directly for your bike rental throughout your semester:

Once you have decided on the Semester Bike option, you will indicate your choice of a bike provider in Online Registration. After you have made your choice, you do not need to do anything further until you get to Copenhagen. DIS will contact your provider for you to reserve your bike – all you have to do is pick it up!

Picking up a Semester Bike

In most cases, you will pick up your bike from the shop of the bike provider. Once you select a provider, you will receive communications from DIS about your provider’s opening hours and next steps.

Returning your Semester Bike

You need to return your Semester Bike before you leave Copenhagen. The bike must be returned no later than the Last Day of DIS Housing, unless otherwise agreed upon. If you fail to return your Semester Bike, DIS will withhold your grades (i.e. final grade report) until the bike is returned or you have paid the bike provider to replace the missing bike.

Remember the rental bike is your responsibility. Take good care of it, remember to lock it, and return it again at the end of the semester.

Resources: Biking in Copenhagen

Want to learn more about biking in Copenhagen? Find further information on biking regulations, how to take your bike on the train, and where to park near DIS here.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Semester Bike

Q\ Do I need to pay anything out of pocket for my Semester Bike?
There are no out-of-pocket payments for the Semester Bike itself. However, the bike providers require a small fee for a rental helmet, which is not covered by DIS.

If you experience any problems with the bike such as a flat tire, problems with the gears, etc. please contact the bike provider directly; in most cases the problem will be fixed free of charge. However, if you choose to take your bike to a third-party bike shop, you will be responsible for paying for any repairs.

Q\ Are lights, locks, and helmets included?
The cost of your Semester Bike rental includes lights and an insurance-approved lock, which you will get from your bike provider. A helmet is not included in the cost of a Semester Bike. DIS strongly recommends all students who are biking to wear a helmet. To do so, you will need to bring your own, buy one once arriving in Copenhagen, or rent one from the bike provider. Buying a new helmet typically costs between 150-300 DKK and can be purchased at bike shops or larger grocery stores like Kvickly and Føtex.

Not sure what size helmet you need? Visit our resources for a guide to finding your helmet size.

Q\ How does it work with the 500 DKK stipend to the DSB app?
There will be days that you might not want to bike – the weather is poor, you don’t feel well, or you need to carry a lot between your housing and DIS. Therefore, as part of the Semester Bike option, you receive a 500 DKK stipend to use in the DSB app. This stipend can be used for either single tickets or a 30-day two zone Commuter Card in the app. Be sure to keep track of the tickets you buy, so you know when you reach 500 DKK. You will receive a receipt via email for every purchase, so DIS recommends saving these to keep track of your spending. When you purchase these tickets, you can choose the payment option “Invoice” in the DSB app, which means DIS will be directly invoiced by DSB. When purchasing the ticket, be sure to use the comments field and write “Bike Stipend” to indicate the category of this invoice.

Please note: the stipend is for semester students, and is not applicable for summer students who have rented a Summer Bike.

Q\ How far will a 500 DKK stipend go?
This does depend what distances you use it for. For example, for DIS students living and traveling within two zones of DIS, the 500 DKK stipend covers 10 round trip tickets. The best way to make an estimate appropriate to your commute is to look up the cost of a single ticket between your housing address and DIS (Vestergade 7, 1456 Copenhagen K) and divide 500 by the amount and you will see how many trips this will cover. You can alternatively use the 500 DKK stipend to purchase a 30-day two zone Commuter Card. This is a good option if you are a spring semester student and would like to take public transportation the first month during colder weather, but then transition to biking as temperatures rise, or if you are a fall semester student and would like to spend your last month commuting by public transportation.

Q\ What if my bike is stolen?
If your bike is stolen, please refer to the bike provider for specific information. In most cases, you will have to pay for the cost of the bike and then file an insurance claim online. Please note that DIS is not liable for stolen property.

Q\ What if I lose my bike?
If you lose your bike, you must speak with the bike provider. If you fail to return the bike, DIS will withhold your grades until you have settled all outstanding balances with the bike provider. Please note that DIS is not liable for lost property.