Renting a Bike (Semester)

Copenhagen As a Biking City

No matter where you live during your semester, biking always makes your commute to class just a little more convenient and is a great way to discover your local neighborhood.

Copenhagen is famous for its biking culture, with approximately 500,000 Copenhageners choosing to bike every day. So, why do the locals bike? Some say it’s good exercise, it helps the environment, or it saves money, while others bike for its simple convenience.  The beauty of biking is that it fulfills and satisfies everyone in a different way, yet it unifies Copenhageners on a common ground.

Take Part in the Local Culture: Rent a Bike

You can arrange to rent a bike before you arrive in Copenhagen or you can wait until you arrive. DIS currently has informal partnerships with the below bike companies. While these deals are special for DIS students, you have the freedom to choose other bike companies if you prefer to do so.

Note: We have discontinued our partnerships with Rent Your Bike Here and Nørregade Cykler, and highly recommend that you refer to the above bicycle shops instead.

Short Term Rentals

If you do not want to rent a bike for your full time here, but want to occasionally borrow a bike or you visitors, past students have used these bike rental companies:

  • ABC Student Bikes offers free bike rental (up to one week) for relatives visiting you during your semester
  • Baisikeli Bike Rental offers 20% discount on standard and lux bikes, as well as helmets, to DIS students. Lights and an extra wire for locking up the bikes will be provided at no added cost.
  • Rosenborg Cykler offers 50% discount on bike rentals to family and friends, a free bike tutorial and free intro on how to manage Copenhagen traffic

You can also sign up for a bike tour through Copenhagen Fairy Tales, a Copenhagen-based sightseeing company.

Resources: Biking in Copenhagen

Are you curious to know more about biking in Copenhagen? Find further info here, such as how to take your bike on the train and where to park near DIS.