Pre-Departure Advising (Semester)

Pre-Departure Advising

Preparing to Study at DIS

DIS North American Office

The DIS North American Office staff is available to answer any questions you might have before leaving for Copenhagen! If you should need help after reading through these pre-departure resources, be sure to contact them by calling 800-247-3477 or emailing

DIS Pre-Departure Handbook

Scour the pages of our On-Site & Pre-Departure Handbook (sent to you by mail) to read a plethora of information; learn some Danish phrases, read how Danes interact socially, and find out about the ins and outs of Copenhagen! The handbook is chock-full of insider advice, so it may also be helpful to you once you have arrived.

Download our DIS Copenhagen Pre-Departure Handbook (PDF)

Before You Arrive

Your flight to Copenhagen may be the first time you have ever left your home country. Allow yourself time to reflect on uncertainties you may have. What will challenge you when living in a new culture with different societal norms than those you are used to? How will you meet locals while studying at DIS and living in Denmark?

Equip yourself with knowledge of the culture and customs of Denmark, share nervous emotions with friends, family, and your study abroad advisor, and fuel yourself with ideas on how to get involved from past students. When you finally arrive, you will be so glad you did your research.

Your Pre-Departure Checklist

  • Your registration should be complete, but there are a few things left to do to prepare for your semester at DIS:
  • Submit any outstanding registration forms as soon as possible to ensure your enrollment in desired courses and study tours
  • Review your housing application to make sure it reflects your goals for the upcoming term
  • Six to eight weeks before your arrival, invoices will be issued through email, either to you directly or to your home university.
    Learn more on the Tuition and Fees pages
  • Obtain a passport (it must be valid at least six months beyond your planned stay in Denmark)
  • Submit a current transcript (unofficial transcripts are accepted) and one digital passport-sized photo to DIS (unless your school will forward these to DIS for you)
  • Book a round trip flight to Denmark
  • Check to see if you need a visa to enter Denmark (U.S. citizens can enter Denmark without one)
  • DIS will send you a notification of your DIS arranged housing placement approx. 10 days prior to your Arrival Day
  • DIS will send you important arrival and registration information by email, so make sure to check regularly! Start by setting up your email account to accept emails from ‘’