Obtaining Your Visa (Semester)

Danish Residence Permit

If you are a DIS student enrolled for the fall, spring, or a full year, and do not hold a passport from a country in the European Union, Norway, or Switzerland, you must apply for a Danish Residence Permit.

A residence permit proves that you are in a country legally. When traveling to and from Denmark, you may be asked to show your permit at customs to prove that you have the right to come back into the country.

Students from Entry Visa-Free Countries

While students from ‘Entry Visa-Free Countries’ may enter Denmark without a visa, they must apply for one after arrival, during the DIS Arrival Week. For these students, you begin the residence permit application via Student Registration, then submit your application in person, one week after arrival. DIS staff assist you with this process.

Students from Countries with a Visa Requirement

For students from countries that require a visa to enter Denmark,  you apply for and obtain the residence permit prior to your departure. the DIS North American office is in touch with all students from these countries.

Further, if you come from a country with a visa requirement, find important information about applying for additional visas for traveling on DIS study tours on the Study Tour FAQ page.

How Do I Apply for a Residence Permit?

‘Entry visa free’ students receive information about the application process once they arrive at DIS, including when their specific appointment is with Immigration Services. All ‘entry visa free´ students have appointments with Immigration Services during DIS Arrival Week.

When Will I Receive my Residence Permit?

A few weeks after your visit to immigration services during DIS Arrival Week, you will receive a notification from the DIS Front Desk informing you to pick up both a letter and card. If you do not receive a notification that these have arrived, contact frontdesk@dis.dk for more information.

After You Have Received Your Residence Permit: Register for a Danish CPR Card

‘CPR,’ meaning ‘civil registration number,’ qualifies you as a legal resident of Denmark who can access the Danish social system and receive free health benefits. It is required that you have a CPR card if you have a Residence Permit.

How Do I Receive a CPR Card?

Once you pick up your letter regarding your Danish Residence Permit from the DIS Front Desk, you register this with your ‘kommune,’ meaning, the municipality in the town you reside in, in Denmark.

If you live in Copenhagen, you will receive more information by email as to what your next steps are.

If you live outside of Copenhagen, you will need to visit your local kommune. Many of these kommune have agreements with Copenhagen’s kommune, allowing you to register at DIS as well. DIS will let you know if this is the case.

What Do I Bring to Register at the Kommune?

  • Your residence letter
  • A copy of your residence letter
  • Your passport
  • Copy of your passport (photo page, plus all stamped pages)*
  • Your Indrejse form, which will be emailed to you
  • DIS proof of address sheet, which will be emailed to you
    • *Note: Most printers at DIS are also copy machines.

The Schengen Region and its Laws

According to Schengen and Danish law (subject to change), all visa-free citizens are allowed 90 days of travel within Denmark and the Schengen area within every 180-day period. You will apply for your Danish Residence Permit with assistance from DIS during the first few weeks of the program. The Residence Permit will be valid from the beginning of the program until 14 days after the program is complete. The days that your permit is valid will NOT be counted towards your 90 days of visa-free travel within the Schengen area and Denmark.

This means that you will have a certain number of days to travel in Denmark and other Schengen countries before and/or after your studies with DIS. Please note that these laws are subject to change.

If you will be traveling or studying in the Schengen area for an extended amount of time before your studies with DIS please contact the DIS North American Office at 800-247-3477 to ensure that there will be no complications with your stay in Denmark.

What’s Next?

When you go to the kommune, you will be given your CPR number which you can use right away.

Following your visit to the kommune, you will receive your official card at your home address in Denmark, not the DIS Front Desk. If you do not receive it, make sure to contact your kommune to check on the progress.