Fall 2017 Academic FAQs

Q/ Where do I find the class schedule with meeting times and classrooms?
A/ Check your course pages on Canvas. All information is listed on each course’s front page.

Q/ How do I switch a class?
A/ Up until Tuesday, August 29th at 17:00, you can still go to Student Registration to make changes yourself. There may be waiting lists for some classes, so courses will only show if available. You will not be officially enrolled in a class until the course appears on your Canvas list. Log into Student Registration here.

Q/ How do I get a new copy of my class schedule after I change a course?
A/ You can check your classes, meeting times, and classrooms on Canvas.

Q/ How long do I have to just drop a class?
A/ The drop deadline is Friday, October 6th, 2017. To be a full-time student at DIS you must be enrolled in at least 12-semester credits. Note: Some universities require that their students are enrolled in at least 15-semester credits.

Q/ May I audit a course?
A/ No, DIS does not allow students to audit courses.

Q/ May I enroll in more than five 3-credit courses?
A/ You must take at least 12 credits and may take up to 18, including no more than five 3-credit classes (or three 3-credit and one 6-credit). In very rare cases, students may be approved to take six 3-credit courses, but there must be a strong academic reason to do so. This policy is enforced for your benefit. While you are in Copenhagen to study, you are also here to engage with the local culture.

Q/ I’ve been placed on a course waiting list. When will I find out if I got a spot?
A/ The Office of Academic Support reviews waitlists on a daily basis and will email you if/when a spot becomes available.

Q/ How do I exchange my textbooks or compendiums if I have changed courses?
A/ You will be able to exchange books for courses until the end of the first full week of classes. All information and the location of the book exchange will be sent to you. If you have any questions, you can ask at the DIS Library on the ground floor of Vestergade 23. You must return books from the course you are dropping in order to get the books for the new class.

Q/ Where can I find information about final exams and due dates at the end of the semester?
A/ All information will be on your course Canvas page – check it carefully and ask your teacher if you have questions. Not all courses will have final exams, but the DIS schedule goes up until Sunday, December 10th 2017 and could include exams, final presentations, make-up classes, etc. You should not arrange to leave DIS until the Earliest Departure date indicated by DIS; find your semester calendar here.

Q/ How do I petition to take a class Pass/Fail?
A/ The deadline is Friday, October 6th, 2017. Use the Academic Pass/Fail Form here, or come to the Office of Academic Support (Vestergade 10-A20). Note: Some universities do not allow students to take DIS courses on a pass/fail basis. When you have submitted your request, you will receive a confirmation approving your petition or informing you that your school won’t accept the DIS pass/fail.

Q/ What should I do if I have conflicting field study sessions?
A/ Field study sessions are based on course time blocks so this should not happen. If, however, a visit has had to be re-scheduled and you do have a conflict, you should ask your Program Assistant which visit has priority.

Q/ How do I get special accommodations for my learning disability?
As a part of Student Registration, you complete a Disability/Health Accommodation Request Form. The information is private and shared only as relevant to your accommodation requests. After reviewing the Form, DIS staff will contact you to prompt a dialogue and explore options. Read more about Learning Accommodations at DIS here.

Q/ I am taking a course at another institution in Copenhagen. What do I do?
A/ A course assistant will contact you about arrangements for the first day of class, and someone will take you to the location.

Q/ How do I get my final grades at the end of the semester?
A/ Final Grade Reports are sent from DIS at the end of each semester/summer – one copy to the student and one to the home university (or the one that admitted the student to DIS). The final grade reports include courses taken, grades and credits earned. Final Grade Reports are typically sent within 30 days of the end of your program.

Be sure to familiarize yourself with DIS academic regulations and policies in the DIS Academic Handbook, sent to you at the beginning of the semester.