Spring 2021: Program Study Tours

Your semester at DIS Copenhagen includes two Study Tours within Denmark. During these, you investigate your course topics first-hand, engage with the local culture, connect with your Core Course, and truly understand Scandinavian perspectives.

Explore the many facets of Denmark on Study Tour

From north to south, east to west, Denmark offers rich experiences in history, art, food, and culture. Your Study Tours let you explore the many local nuances that make Denmark so diverse.

For thousands of years, Denmark’s flat terrain, rich soil, and close proximity to water has shaped its history and culture. Just a few kilometers from the country’s biggest cities, you find quaint villages and idyllic landscapes. The respect for nature is why Denmark is a pioneer in promoting sustainability, with a world-class green energy system.

Constantly on the cusp of new ideas, Denmark is one of the world’s most innovative countries and the current European champion in digitization. On Study Tour, you experience first-hand the synergies that occur when new ideas meet old traditions in a society encouraging change. You get to see very different parts of Denmark to develop a thorough and holistic understanding of this small gem in the north.

I was really excited to finally see what Denmark is like outside of Copenhagen and it did NOT disappoint.
Jeffrey, Vanderbilt University

When learning comes to life

While on tour, you meet with professionals and experts in your field who contribute to your understanding of course topics.

Study Tours are hands-on and experiential, and expose you to additional cultural perspectives in other parts of Denmark, outside of the capital. You have the opportunity to visit sites and experts in your field of interest that you could not otherwise access.

You Embark on Two Study Tours:

Short Study Tour

Early in the semester, you take part in Core Course Week, where the focus is only on your Core Course. This week, which is divided into Part 1 and Part 2, brings plenty of opportunity to get to know your fellow students, faculty, and get familiar with your course topics and their complexities. The short Study Tour in Part 2 of Core Course Week brings you outside of Copenhagen and lets you experience a new part of the country.

I had absolutely no prior knowledge or intent for coming to Denmark. Now, I can’t believe how much this hidden gem of a country means to me.
Gabrielle, Spelman College

Week-Long Study Tour

At the time of your Week-Long Study Tour, you will be more familiar with the content of the course and ready to add more layers to your knowledge. Now is the time to investigate intriguing topics even further! On the Week-Long Study Tour, you travel to a new destination in Denmark to gain new perspectives, visit inspiring sites, reflect on what you have learned, and create life-long memories.