DIS Student Blogger

Did you choose to study abroad with DIS having followed a Student Blogger, who shared their academic, cultural, and travel adventures with you? Continue the tradition and be an ambassador of the DIS experience!

Apply to Become a DIS Student Blogger

What Do DIS Student Bloggers Do?

Bloggers create and maintain their own individual blogs about their semester, and are linked to from the DIS website. As a Student Blogger, you’ll be looked to as a resource for future students to follow and ask you about your DIS experience.

What Will You Reflect On?

We are looking for your real stories of studying abroad! We want you to relay what it is like to study at DIS. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Your cultural experiences; how do you engage with the local culture and community?
  • Your courses, Field Studies, and Study Tours
  • Stories of growing, living, learning, and traveling here in Copenhagen and greater Europe
  • Day-to-day exploration
  • Your housing experience

We require that you post regularly (a minimum of once a week).

Why Should You Apply?

  • To build your resumé: Your blog is made official with a DIS Blogger badge that links back to DISabroad.org.* At the end of the semester, DIS Student Bloggers can request a letter of recommendation or a recommendation on LinkedIn from the Communications & Marketing Department
  • You become an ambassador for DIS by sharing your knowledge and experience with other university students that are thinking of going abroad

*Please note that this is an experience-building ambassadorship and not a paid position.

The Semester as a Student Blogger

The Communications & Marketing Team take you under their wing with these exciting events:

  • At the start of the semester, there is a Blogger Workshop to acquaint you with DIS behind the scenes, talk about blogging expectations and trends, and provide you with an opportunity to meet your fellow bloggers
  • At the end of the semester, the group gathers again to celebrate the semester over a dinner at a local hot spot, where all DIS Student Bloggers are eligible to win awards and prizes

Who Are We Looking For?

Each semester we choose one blogger per DIS Academic Program:

  • We require that you are mature, passionate about your area of study, and have a desire to meet the locals
  • You must be willing to tell your story in a creative and dynamic way, by considering your format and using video and/or photos

How to Apply

If you would like to be considered for a Fall 2020 Student Blogger position apply by August 13th, 2020. 

Create a new blog dedicated to the topic of your semester abroad on WordPress. We ask that you only use WordPress due to technical issues with other blogging platforms.

Blog about your experience leading up to departure, and when you have arrived here in Copenhagen. We would like to see:

    1. At least one pre-departure reflection post by the application deadline
    2. At least one arrival reflection post within your first week here, regarding your first impressions of Copenhagen and DIS.


Email us at studentmedia@dis.dk with the following information: 

      1. Your name
      2. Blog URL
      3. Home university/college
      4. DIS Program and Core Course
      5. DIS housing you have listed as your first choice or have been placed in

Positions are competitive! Be sure to contact us by the deadline.

Chosen candidates will be notified by email within the few weeks of the semester.