Volunteer Opportunities

Build your resumé and make connections by giving back to the community and volunteering during your semester abroad.

Volunteering in Denmark

In Denmark, there is a long tradition of volunteering and civic engagement, with 35 % of the population engaged in a volunteer activity within one year. This means that 1.9 million people are currently engaged in one of the 100,000 volunteer organizations found across the country.

However, Denmark’s comprehensive welfare state is responsible for covering aspects usually taken care of by philanthropists in the U.S. Therefore, you may experience that volunteering in Denmark, and the projects you could be involved in, are different than those in the U.S.

DIS Activities Fair

Get an introduction to the ways you could get involved and volunteer in the community by attending the Activities Fair, held at the beginning of the semester. Past DIS students have signed up to plan events for special interest groups, coach local youth sports clubs, work in a non-profit cafe, and tutor students at international schools. Note: Organizations often require that you commit regularly and to a fixed number of hours.

CPH Volunteers: Volunteer Spontaneously throughout the Semester

DIS is partnered with Cph Volunteers, a volunteer squad under the Municipality of Copenhagen’s Department of Culture and Leisure and the sub-department of City Development and Events. There is always something to join in on every month of the year!

How Do I Participate?

As a DIS student, you are already a member of Cph Volunteers! To participate in an event you need to:

Volunteer at Copenhagen’s Student Union

Each semester, Studenterhuset seeks student volunteers from all Copenhagen universities to volunteer in a number of service opportunities – from working as a barista to planning events!

Read about Studenterhuset here

Perks: Volunteering at Studenterhuset

  • It’s a great way to make personal connections in Copenhagen, as you work alongside other locals students
  • Many of the events for students come from the students themselves – so you could be a part of planning and brainstorming how to make Studenterhuset even better
  • You will have access to special discounts, such as vouchers and free entrance to events and concerts

How to Apply

Look for Studenterhuset’s table at the DIS Activities Fair at the start of the semester, and make sure to send a short application and your resume to the volunteer coordinator at Studenterhuset.

Read about the Activities Fair and Orientation here