Studenterhuset, located just blocks away from DIS, is the center of student life in the heart of Copenhagen.

Meet Local Students

‘Studenterhuset’ translates to ‘student house,’ as it is a non-profit student union for the city’s universities, where most activities and services are organized by volunteers. As a DIS Copenhagen student, you are a member of Studenterhuset, so be sure take advantage of this during your semester. It’s a casual and fun place to meet your fellow classmates as well as Danish and international students.


Events at Studenterhuset

Studenterhuset is both a café and bar that hosts events for students from all over Copenhagen. Each semester, there are dancing classes, board game nights, culinary events, concerts from local artists, flea markets, and themed nights. Given Studenterhuset’s large space, it’s a fantastic place to sit down with a group of friends and enjoy coffee and snacks on the cheap.

Read about the events happening at Studenterhuset here

DIS Events at Studenterhuset (also open to all international and Danish students)

  • D.I.S. Club Meetings
    Weekly meetings run by DIS staff that build a community and platform for students to discuss the experience of diversity in Denmark and abroad
  • Quiz Nights in English
    A monthly evening event run by DIS staff, where DIS students along with locals students have the opportunity to put their knowledge to the test and possibly win a prize of 1,000 DKK!

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