Sports & Recreation

Athletics play a large role in the lifestyle of Copenhagen, so joining a recreational sports club or taking fitness classes while you’re abroad can present opportunities to meet locals.

Gyms, Recreational Centers, Yoga Studios, and More

DIS does not have a gym, nor will your housing option. However, gyms are well networked throughout residential neighborhoods and nearby DIS, with student deals available. Danes often refer to gyms as ‘fitness centers’ in English.

Gym Chains

Two of the largest gym chains are Fitness World and SATS. Both have extended opening hours, offering various types of memberships, including access to classes:

Specialized Gyms

Additionally, there are specialized gyms, such as:

Outdoor Facilities and Parks

Copenhagen is filled with dynamic green spaces and other outdoor facilities, where it is popular to exercise:

Yoga Studios
Each semester, these yoga studios offer deals to all current DIS students:

  • Copenhagen Yoga: Sign up at the beginning of your semester and receive four months of unlimited classes for a discounted price by contacting
  • Hot Yoga Copenhagen: Located just a five-minute walk from DIS, this cozy studio offers up to seven classes every day. Download their app ‘Hot Yoga Copenhagen’, book a class, arrive 20 minutes early, and say you are a DIS student
  • Power Yoga: Special unlimited yoga for a student rate
  • Dóttir HotYoga: A hot yoga studio & juice bar located on the water in Sydhavn. They offer classes for all levels and all are taught in English. The studio also offers HIIT, weight, and core classes.

Swimming Halls
There are several public pools in Copenhagen and the surrounding suburbs. You pay a small fee to use the pool. Many also offer deals where you prepay for a set number of visits at a discounted rate. Remember to bring your own towel and swimwear.

See an overview of all swimming pools in Copenhagen here

If you are near Frederiksberg, check out swimming pools in the neighborhood here

Outdoor Swimming Areas


  • Amager Strandpark
  • Svanemølleparken

Harbor Baths

  • Islands Brygge
  • Fisketorvet
  • Sluseholmen
  • Amager Strandpark, ‘Sneglen’

Club Sports and Organizations

Sports in Denmark operate differently than college sports in the U.S. Intramural sports do not exist at universities, and therefore, sports clubs function independently. In any given club, you are placed on a team according to your age and skill level. Most clubs are also arranged by where you live, so unlike the U.S., it is uncommon to drive huge distances to participate in athletics. The clubs often function as social, as well as athletic, organizations.

While most Copenhageners speak nearly perfect English, coaches often give instructions in Danish. However, this should not stop you from joining a team! Your teammates will be sympathetic and help you understand the instructions. This is a great way to break the ice – and improve your Danish. Check out these organizations that past students have enjoyed being a part of:

  • CBS Sport: Badminton, basketball, floorball, football, handball, rugby, tennis, volleyball, lacrosse
  • DTU Sport: Football, basketball, rugby, sailing, badminton, table tennis, volleyball, AirSport, kayaking, dancing, climbing, diving
  • USG Student Sport: Many different types of activities; ball games, dancing, exercise classes, water sports, gymnastics, etc.
  • Watersports Copenhagen

Sporting Events

Look out for various sporting events throughout your semester! There are running races and events, horse races, and football (soccer) games. Copenhagen’s football club is called F.C. København, and their home stadium is Telia Parken.

Volunteering to Coach

If you’re passionate about playing a sport at home, volunteering to coach a local youth sports club is another way to get involved in your surrounding area. Google ‘local sports clubs’ plus the name of your kommune (municipality), and contact a specific association to see if they are interested.

Get Exercise: Explore the City by Running or Biking

Fun Running Routes in and Around Copenhagen

  • Meet a friend at ‘The Lakes,’ the old waterway fortification of Copenhagen, where you can enjoy a four-mile run together in the center of the city with picturesque views
  • Head to beautifully landscaped Søndermarken Park to use its interactive exercise path that times your running speed
  • Take on the star-shaped Kastellet Park, one of the world’s oldest military bases that still functions today

Hop On a Bike

The city is networked with wide and safe bike lanes, and that’s why over 50% of Copenhageners bike to work. To get exercise, use these urban biking trails as well as longer-distance rides outside the city:

  • Ride past the horse farms and beaches of Amager, down to the quaint seaside village of Dragør
  • Head up the coast to the old royal hunting ground of Dyrehaven, a lush, green park full of deer and winding trails
  • Put your transportation pass to work and enjoy free travel with your bike on the S-tog, to reach far-off spots outside of Copenhagen for a ride! (Note: You must pay for a bike ticket to carry your bike on the metro or regional trains.)

Read about biking in Copenhagen here