Meet the Locals

Involve yourself in the many cultural opportunities offered to you while studying at DIS Copenhagen, and find out who the locals are across a variety of contexts.

Build Your Network Abroad

Pursue a passion and join a club or sports team with Copenhageners, exchange cultural perspectives with a Visiting Host, stop by Studenterhuset for a game of foosball, give back to the community by volunteering, learn to speak some Danish, and end the semester calling Denmark a second home. By going the extra mile and building your network, you may even open up possibilities for an international career after graduation.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Copenhageners are open to sharing their culture with you and also want to learn about yours. During your study abroad semester, challenge yourself to break out of your comfort zone and be curious. We offer opportunities to introduce you to the locals – and the rest is up to you!

I learned to be aware of differences in lifestyle and open-minded to such differences. I learned to let go of what I thought I knew and allow my experiences to shape my cultural understanding… I learned that to truly understand culture, I have to be willing to step back from my own attitude and adapt to a new way of life. And this is exactly what I did.”

– Victoria, Bucknell University