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Are you passionate about sustainability, but also curious to explore new places during your time at DIS? We are looking for students who want to travel intentionally, immerse in the local culture, and make mindful decisions to reduce carbon emissions.

Apply to Become a DIS Slow Traveler

What is slow travel?

Studying abroad can sometimes feel like a race in ticking off as many destinations as possible in the time given – on the weekends and on Study Breaks. Slow travel is an approach that encourages people to step back and adopt a ‘slow’ mindset and enjoy the journey, and not just the destination. It is a way to connect with the locals and be present in the moment, while remaining sustainable for those communities and the environment.  

Why does DIS care about slow travel?

As a Scandinavia-based, non-profit study abroad organization in a sector that evolves around travel, we want to make the most meaningful impact we can in our sustainability efforts. We are committed to taking actions to reduce carbon emissions from our activities while recognizing the climate and ecological crisis faced globally. 

Slow travel is one of the ways we can be intentional about our sustainability efforts. By involving our students in making mindful decisions around travel, we can spread awareness about sustainable tourism. We believe that slow travel can have a lasting impact on not just the local communities that students visit, but also on the whole study abroad experience.   

What does it mean to be a DIS Slow Traveler?

As a DIS Slow Traveler, you will be an ambassador for sustainable travel. Together with 1-2 other DIS students, you will build itineraries that reflect the slow travel concept and go on two trips during the semester. You will document and share your experiences on DIS social media and website, through creative writing, photography, and videography, in collaboration with the DIS Marketing and Communications department. All travel costs will be compensated for by DIS. 

With guidance from DIS staff, you will help choose the destinations, means of transportation, meals, and cultural experiences. Both trips will take place within Denmark.

  • The first trip will be a day trip and take place during a weekend in February/March
  • The second trip will be 5 days, 4 nights and will take place during Study Break (April 5-10, both days included) 

What will you reflect on?

We are looking for your real stories during your trips. We want you to relay what it is like to travel mindfully with sustainable choices. This includes (but is not limited to): 

  • Your mode of transportation; reflections about the journey and slowing down  
  • Your choice of meals and accommodations 
  • Cultural immersion and meeting locals who offer sustainable travel experiences; what choices can you make for low-impact tourism? 
  • Your personal growth, new perspectives, and learnings from a slow approach to travel 

Why should you apply?

  • You want to travel within Denmark and deepen your connection to your host country
  • You are curious to know more about and experience slow travel. We welcome students with various with experience with sustainable travel
  • You want to become an ambassador for DIS and are interested in promoting slow travel to future students 
  • You want to build your resumé and gain skills as a storyteller by working with the Marketing and Communications department. At the end of the semester, you can request a letter of recommendation or a recommendation on LinkedIn 
  • You want to build life skills in planning your own travel and making sustainable choices 
  • You want to immerse yourself in a new culture and engage in conversations with people who offer sustainable travel experiences 

Expectations and compensation

  • All travel costs will be compensated for by DIS in return for creating engaging stories about your experiences to be shared on DIS marketing channels 
  • With support from the Study Tours department, you will take part in the booking of the two trips, including transport, accommodation, meals, and cultural experiences. We expect you to consider low-impact ways of travelling and a balanced itinerary  
  • Costs and meals associated with travel will be covered by DIS. If you have expenses during the trip, these will be covered through reimbursements  
  • You must be available for one weekend day in February/March and during Study Break in April
  • You will be trained by the Marketing and Communications department to produce creative content such as blog posts, photos, and videos. You will share your stories on the DIS blog, website, and social media
  • As an ambassador for DIS, you are a resource for prospective students and may be asked to answer questions via social media  

Who are we looking for?

  • We require that you are mature, independent, and passionate about sustainability and travel 
  • You are a storyteller and have skills in creative content creation – such as writing, photography, and videography 

How to apply?

If you want to be considered for a Spring 2023 Slow Traveler position, apply before January 30.

You may apply as an individual or as a group, but each group member must submit their own form (please list group members in the form field below).

Questions? Email studentmedia@dis.dk

In order to apply for the position of Slow Traveler, simply fill out the form below.  

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