Public Health Living & Learning Community

The Public Health Living & Learning Community is a highly selective housing opportunity where you will engage yourself in life in Copenhagen through the lens of health.

The understanding of what healthy living means in each country depends on various factors such as culture, economy, and governmental focus as well as public interventions. The Public Health LLC offers you a unique opportunity to learn and explore cross-cultural similarities and differences between American and Danish concepts of healthy living and learn about services provided in both public and private settings.

Public Health LLC Highlights

  • Gain an understanding of health initiatives for the local population in Copenhagen municipality
  • Examine cross-cultural differences between American and Danish understanding of healthy living and public interventions
  • Engage in dialogue with Danish professional health workers
  • Build a community around your shared interest in Public Health

Examples of LLC Activities (may vary each semester)

  • Visit the UN office in Copenhagen, together with the Social Justice LLC, to discuss women & poverty
  • Learn about and discuss cultural eating habits of Danes vs. Americans from a Meat Anthropologist
  • Participate in weekly meetings about health issues and cook meals together as a community
  • Hear various guest speakers discuss their involvement in the health sectors of the Danish welfare system