Young Entrepreneurs Living & Learning Community

The Young Entrepreneurs Living & Learning Community is a highly selective opportunity to take an active role in engaging yourself in life in Copenhagen while building your entrepreneurial and leadership skill set. This is your ideal LLC if you are a self-directed student who wants to learn more about what it takes to be an entrepreneur in an increasingly globalized world.

You do not need to have a business or economics background to live in this house. DIS encourages students from all majors to apply, creating a dynamic community. You just need to have great ideas and a desire to explore your own entrepreneurial and leadership talents!

Commitment and Community

Being in the Entrepreneurship LLC means committing yourself to engaging within the topic of entrepreneurship both in Copenhagen and the DIS community, and meeting with a number of Danish and European networks and incubators for young start-ups to widen your network and personal contacts in Scandinavia/Europe for any later engagement or venture building.

You will experience the challenges one encounters as a young entrepreneur. To do this, you will build a community with a shared identity and values within a study abroad context that challenges the way you see your own identity. What will your first, or next, start-up be?

Learning Objectives for the Entrepreneurship LLC

  • Improve your understanding of different approaches to and practical aspects of entrepreneurship through meetings and discussions with young Danish entrepreneurs
  • Explore your own leadership skills – to manage and inspire others in business, you need to know yourself!
  • Reflect on the differences between the venture start-up environment in the U.S. and in Denmark through active engagement with the Danish entrepreneurship community

Examples of Entrepreneurship LLC Activities (may vary each semester)

  • Weekly team building events held at the Young Entrepreneurs LLC where you’ll be challenged in teamwork and to reflect on own strengths and weaknesses solving various practical tasks
  • Meet local young entrepreneurs and hear how they have found success in the local Nordic food culture
  • Engage in discussions with local Social Entrepreneurs about their current projects and take lessons home for your own volunteer work back on your campus
  • Take advantage of opportunities to meet with and even assist new Danish start-ups to gain real-life insight into the realities of being an entrepreneur

Meet the Entrepreneurship LLC Coordinator

Zaedo Musa

Zaedo is the co-founder of a digital agency, which operates as a consultancy and develops startups in coordination with other entrepreneurs. Zaedo has a master’s education in IT management and applies this knowledge to his entrepreneurial endeavors. He is also deeply involved in the Copenhagen start-up community with high-growth startups and organizations, and now works fulltime on his own ventures. Zaedo has been with DIS since 2016.