Arts Living & Learning Community

The Arts Living & Learning Community is a highly selective housing opportunity, where you will actively engage yourself in Copenhagen through an artistic perspective.

This is your ideal housing option if you are self-motivated in exploring cultural offerings within visual arts, theater, music, dance, cinema, and architecture and are interested in tackling difficult questions of cultural difference and identity.

You do not need to be an artist or a performer to join; you just need a curiosity for artistic expression in general. However, the community may also decide to do artwork themselves, so be prepared to explore and use your creative side. On one hand the program will introduce you to different aspects of the contemporary art scene in Copenhagen, on the other hand the excursions and artistic projects will work as a fertile ground to grow as a community and to develop meaningful friendships within the LLC.

Arts LLC Highlights

  • Achieve an overall ability to reflect on how engaging in the arts can positively affect your outlook and challenge your values
  • Gain an understanding of contemporary Danish art and urban culture. What makes a piece of art intriguing and engaging? Does it have to be pretty or skillfully made to deserve a white cube setting? And what about our own participation: how does that shape the works or the exhibitions
  • Venture beyond the city’s most iconic art exhibitions and gain insight into what is stirring in Copenhagen’s underground art scene, and how less established Danish artists work.
  • Compare and analyze the different approaches to art and urban culture in Denmark and the U.S.

Examples of  the Arts LLC Activities (may vary each semester)

  • Take a guided tour of Vesterbro’s small, niche galleries
  • Visit exhibition venues you otherwise would not have encountered
  • Watch screenings of avant-garde films
  • Practice croquis sketching, collaborate on art zines