Music Exploration Living & Learning Community

This Living & Learning Community is a housing opportunity in which you take an active role in engaging yourself in Copenhagen through music and its connection to local culture.

Would you like to explore the vibrant music scene of Copenhagen while studying abroad? Do you sing, play an instrument, and have an interest in music? Whether you’re into Jazz, Rock, Opera, Classical Music, Folk or Singer Songwriting, Denmark offers a variety of venues that will satisfy your curiosity. From deep underground to mainstream pop – this LLC will give you opportunities to explore venues, meet artists, play, sing, and engage in activities on and off stage. If you play an instrument, be sure to bring it.

The LLC community will create music, play, and sing together while also experiencing how music is an integral part of the lives of many locals. This is your ideal LLC if you are interested in exploring and being a part of Denmark’s vibrant music scene, from alternative rock, swing jazz, pop, rock production, and DJ-ing.

Music Exploration LLC Highlights

  • Explore your passion for music through a new lens, while playing, creating and learning about music in a Scandinavian context
  • Venture beyond the DIS community, to collaborate and participate in local music communities
  • Gain insight into how local citizens actively use the musical arts to create shared cultural spaces in the city, and how this contributes to a particular quality of life in Copenhagen
  • Develop an understanding of the business behind distributing music in Copenhagen, and how this perhaps differs to contexts, you are already familiar with

Examples of Outdoor LLC Activities (may vary each semester)

  • Meet and play along with local musicians, who are returning to a 100-year old Danish Folk Music tradition, now with a modern twist!
  • Participate in songwriting workshops
  • Visit several music communities, which you will be encouraged to become a part of while you are in Copenhagen