Join a unique Danish living experience with local and international students in a tight-knit community within a tradition reaching back 150 years.

What is a Folkehøjskole?

Imagine living on the rural campus of a small liberal arts college with a population of about 80 students, and you will begin to understand life at a Folkehøjskole, a unique Danish learning and living tradition dating back 150 years. Danish and international students live at the school and participate in academics and extracurricular activities, which are not graded but meant to give resident students an ‘education for life.’

In this housing option, you live and dine alongside the students living at the Folkehøjskole, as they attend classes onsite and you attend DIS classes and are a part of the DIS academic program. Your hallmates will be between the ages of 19 and 25 years. Although it is a Danish tradition, not all students at the Folkehøjskole will be Danes. Since the concept is so unique, young people from all over the world travel to Denmark to experience life at a Folkehøjskole.

Folkehøjskole Highlights

  • A great social environment with lots of planned events enhanced by the fact that all students arrive at essentially the same time, meaning everyone is eager to meet new people
  • Daily dinners and breakfast where all students eat together (during weeks where DIS classes are in session), as well as all three meals on the weekends in a dining hall
  • Giving you a taste of this special environment and truly experience this unique Danish tradition

Student Profile

This housing option is right for you if, you are willing to:

  • Be outgoing and social, and are interested in contributing to a unique co-ed communal living experience
  • Live in rural or metropolitan outskirts of Copenhagen
  • Commute from home to DIS using the many choices of public transportation available in Copenhagen – you can use this time to do homework, take a nap, or just listen to your favorite tunes and enjoy the view. Read about the transportation system here
  • Do your own grocery shopping for lunch during the week
  • Share cleaning responsibilities for your own room, as well as common areas such as the kitchen, bathroom, and living room
  • Share a kitchenette and bathroom
  • Have your own room or share a room with another DIS student

What this Housing Option Provides

To find out what is included in each housing option, go to Comprehensive Housing and Student Affairs Inclusions.

Application Information

You will preference your housing choices during the registration process.

If you are placed in a Folkehøjskole, DIS will find the best fit for you by using your housing application essay, potential housing comments, and other information you have listed in Student Registration.

Read more about the DIS Housing Placement Process