New in Town Meetups

Meet up with fellow DIS students in the corners of the city where the locals interact and socialize.

Get to Know Your New City

Learn about Local Culture While Building Community

Connect with fellow DIS students while getting to know your new home city. From board games to bonfires and community dinners, New in Town meetups provide an opportunity to experience the city while socializing as the locals do. Gain insight into unique spots in Copenhagen where you can meet new people throughout your time abroad!

New in Town meetups are open to all DIS students. However, certain events, such as LGBTQIA+ meetups, Students of Color meetups, and First Generation meetups seek to provide affinity-based spaces for students to explore their identities and build community.

Meeting Dates and Information

The meetups take place throughout the first six weeks of your time abroad, making it easy for you to find places in the city you can return to, with new DIS friends.

>> Find out which New in Town events are on during your semester in Copenhagen

All the events start promptly; you cannot show up later than the stated time.

How to Sign Up for the Meetups

While the events are free, space is limited. Reserve your space on Student Registration. Please be sure you are committed to joining so you do not take the opportunity from another student.

Remember: Your academics and housing experiences come first. You are not allowed to skip class, Field Studies, or mandatory housing meetings to attend New in Town meetups.

>> Sign up under ‘Optional Activities’ in Student Registration