DIS Student Art Space

A study abroad experience is essentially a paradox: A temporary period with a permanent impact. The goal of the Student Art Space is to encapsulate and support the creative expression of that experience.

The Project

The Student Art Space gives you a permanent space at DIS, while also being a dynamic space that is constantly changing, reflecting each semester’s specific identity. The Space will constantly evolve, much like you and your classmates, and your experience abroad, giving it a unique ability to reflect the student body.

Each semester, we call out for new artworks to fill the space, so that once the new works are collected, they join works from previous semesters. Over time, the walls of buildings will be covered in student artwork and develop a greater sense of creative history!

The Prize

Works chosen receive an honorarium of 250 DKK, and one, central piece will receive 1.000 DKK.

Fall 2017 Student Submission Deadline

Open to any and all DIS students (i.e. you do not have to be enrolled in any arts related course) and can include previous work you have made or will create specifically for this project.

Fall 2017 students: The deadline will be posted here soon.

Application Checklist

  • Your name
  • A 300 word or less description that includes a description of the concept behind the piece
  • Up to 25 MB worth of images of the work*, which should include the title, medium, dimensions, and date (if over 6 MB, recommend sending to the above email via wetransfer.com
  • Video samples should be uploaded to Vimeo or YouTube, and the URL included in the email
  • For additional questions about the application or the project, contact us at: artsubmissions@dis.dk

*If the medium you are working in is photography, send the highest resolution possible. We ask for a minimum of 200 dpi