DIS Sustainable Boutique

DIS Free Market

Each semester, students receive and buy items that cannot fit in their suitcases home, leaving a surplus of belongings left in Copenhagen. The Sustainable Boutique promotes reuse in response to this consumption.

An Intersection of Style and Sustainability

The goal of the Sustainable Boutique is to host an inviting and sustainable space where you can re-use clothes and other goods, as well as discuss style and sustainability. In Denmark, thrifting and buying second-hand are common, and loppemarkeder, fleamarkets, pop up in Copenhagen and throughout the country with crowds in attendance.

Created by DIS Students, for DIS Students

Everything is Free

Be a part of the sustainable mentality of past and present DIS students, and stop by the Sustainable Boutique during opening hours throughout your semester. As a person consuming goods, reflect on your need and general material consumption while there! Some of the items that you will find include clothes, books, sheets, accessories, school supplies, etc. As the saying goes, your trash is another person’s treasure!

Opening Dates and Hours

Find these details in your current semester’s events and add them to your calendar, here!

Location: The basement of Store Kannikestræde 13 – a five-minute walk from Vestergade