DIScovery Trips

DIScovery Trips will last run in Fall 2018.

Journey outside of Europe’s well-trodden cities and experience a destination that you might not otherwise discover! From the fjords of Norway to the markets of Southern France, there is a study abroad adventure for everyone. Full of activities and challenges, DIScovery Trips allow you to explore an interest, try something new, and just have fun.

DIScovery Trips are not embedded in a course and do not yield any credits. These trips are suitable for a variety of athletic abilities, and offer good value, as DIS subsidizes them by 15% of the cost on average.

Fitting DIScovery Trips into Your DIS Calendar

You can sign up for open trips running the travel week you are not scheduled to be on your week-long study tour with your core course, and on weekends or the break. You will be able to see which DIScovery Trips are available to you once you are registered for your core course in registration, but can also find the coming semester’s important dates on the DIS Calendar.

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