Terrorism & Security

In order to better understand the concept and phenomenon of terrorism, as well as the attempts to counter it, we will analyze both recent cases in which terror has been used and strategical approaches employed by security services from a European perspective.

Program Highlights

  • Bring theory to life by traveling on course-integrated study tours on which visit sites of recent terrorist attacks to reflect on causes of terrorism
  • Meet with academic experts, journalists, and politicians to discuss how current incidents and events are framed in the public discourse on field studies
  • Meet with security operators to discuss ongoing counter-terror operations
  • Understand the historical underpinnings of terrorism in Europe, and gain new perspectives for your future professional or academic discourse around one of the most debated burning political issues of the 21st century

Student Profile

This program is right for you if you study international relations, political science, global studies, or are interested in understanding how a changing Europe responds to a wide range of security threats.

Core Courses