Global Economics

Explore globalization and its impact on European economics. Critically examine and apply leading theories of international trade, capital, and finance to contemporary case studies.

Program Highlights

  • Discover how traditional economic models are challenged by today’s turbulent economic realities
  • Visit local institutions such as think tanks, consulting firms, banks, and labor unions on field studies, where you will meet with professional economists and gain an understanding of the vast range of careers you can pursue
  • Travel with DIS faculty on course-integrated study tours that give you first-hand insight into the larger economic, political, and cultural landscapes of Denmark, the European Union, and neighboring countries

Student Profile

This program is right for you if you study economics or finance, are interested in how globalization impacts European economies, or are planning a career in government or the financial sector.

We heard from Arla, the largest dairy company in Scandinavia; learned about the possibility of the EU’s collapse at Jyske Bank; and saw the production of missiles in action at Terma, Denmark’s largest aerospace and defense company.”

-Irene, Columbia Univeristy

Core Courses