European Politics

The European integration has been one of the most decisive developments since World War II. Despite this dramatic transformation, we will examine the current challenges faced by the Europe Union such as Brexit, the so-called refugee crisis, as well as the aftermath of the financial crisis in relation to the Euro.

Program Highlights

  • Build hands-on know ledge by negotiating politics as a European diplomat in a simulation game exploring the forces reshaping Europe’s future
  • Bring theory to life by traveling on course-integrated study tours on which you will visit key European political institutions and meet political actors behind the decisions of how Europe functions both as a whole and from region to region
  • Gain an insider’s perspective on local politics during field studies such as visiting the Danish Foreign Ministry and Parliament

Student Profile

This program is right for you if you study political science, international relations, or government.

My core course, European Game of Politics, gave me a chance to experience the heart of European institutions through interactive and hands-on learning; we didn’t just read about the European Union, we lived it. As an American political science student, it is so important to learn about our largest ally, and I can’t imagine a better way to do so than on-site and with key actors.”

– Caroline Thompson, Tulane University

Core Courses